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Connecting X-ray Sources

  1. The X-ray source operates at 15,000 volts. You can be killed if you come into contact with the electrical connections on this power source.
  2. The X-ray source should not be operated without the cover in place. An LED will illuminate on the power supply when the cover is correctly attached.
  3. The water flow rate must be sufficient to cool the source. An LED will illuminate on the power supply when the water supply is turned on.
  4. It is essential that the grounding leads are connected to this system. The X-ray source must never be operated without proper grounding.
  1. Check X-ray filament using a multimeter for continuity and grounding.
  2. Inspect the foil window for tears and pinholes. If the window is damaged, it must be replaced.
  3. Mount the X-ray source on a 2.75" flange.
  4. Connect the cooling pipes and check for water leaks.
  5. Connect the power cables and check for grounding/short circuits.
  6. Attach the metal cover for the X-ray source and check the power supply to verify that the LED marked "source" comes on.

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