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Venting a vacuum chamber

  1. All electronic equipment must be turned off before venting the chamber. Failure to turn off equipment before venting could result in destruction of the instruments.
  2. All gate valves to pumps should be closed before venting to prevent pumps from operating outside the recommended pressure ranges.
  3. Leather gloves should be worn when loosening/tightening bolts to prevent minor cuts and abrasions.
  1. Turn off all analytical equipment.
  2. Close all gate valves to pumps.
  3. Close valve to differentially-pumped rotary stages (if applicable).
  4. Unscrew 3 or 4 bolts on a small blanked flange until loose, creating a small air leak into the chamber.
  5. Allow leak to continue until hissing stops.
  6. Loosen a few more bolts, creating a larger leak of air into the chamber.
  7. Allow pressure to level off.
  8. Remove blank flange.
  9. Replace copper gasket.
  10. Rebolt blank to flange.
Note: Do not leave flange open to air for extended periods of time. Cover flange with foil if not immediately reattaching blank to flange.

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