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Creating Scripts for the Kodak DC290 Camera

Software and Manuals
  1. Scripting 101. A general overview to creating scripts using the Digita scripting language.
  2. Digita Scripting Manual. A detailed technical reference manual for the Digita scripting language. Includes a list of commands and parameters.
  3. Digita Script Editor.
  4. Digita Script Checker.
Sample Scripts

These scripts can be viewed in any text editor. To use the script, copy it to the SYSTEM folder on the camera's memory card. The script will be available from the camera's main menu.
  1. LEED_25.CSM This script automatically takes a series of pictures with shutter times between 0.25 and 5.00 seconds, in 0.25 second increments. Useful for capturing LEED patterns or other low-light photos. Camera must be mounted securely on a tripod when using this script.
  2. LEED_50.CSM Same as above, but with 0.50 second intervals between shutter times.
  3. BITFIELD.CSM An example of how to extract an individual bit from a bitfield.
  4. CAPTURE.CSM This script demonstrates the proper way to capture a series of images, including how to determine if the camera is through processing the last image and is ready to capture another one.
  5. STARTUP.CSM An example of a startup script. It sets the manual capture mode to still.
  6. WATERMRK.CSM This script sets up a watermark that says "Welcome to FlashPoint!" and displays the time the image was captured.
  7. WBALANCE.CSM This script displays the available white balance modes to the user and allows them to set the desired white balance mode.
  8. WMCLRS.CSM Sets the Watermark colors for Text and Date/Time. This script does not turn Watermarks On or Off. This must be done in the camera menu or another script.

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